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“Due to the privileged position and conditions of Bushehr province in the production of dates, Yana plays a significant role in the target market of Iranian date exports.”


The company is now able to take over a significant part of the market for date processing products in Bushehr province, utilizing indigenous and efficient forces.

Raw Organic Medjool Dates Ready to Eat

Export date of Bushehr province

Yana date export company

Yana Dates Company is located in the center of Kebab and Zahedi Dates in Bushehr province and is ready to export quality dates in Bushehr province with suitable packaging design for export.

Ability to produce and export products

Quality and reasonable dates


Export dates

Bushehr province is the most suitable market for export of Iranian dates. Yana dates company is located in this province.

Date packaging

Packaging is an indispensable component of date product identification and maintenance from production to consumption.

Zahedi dates

Zahedi is one of the dried dates. In some areas it is a semi-arid type.

kabkab dates

It is one of the most economical export dates in the country and has a dark brown color.


Yana dates export markets

So far, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, India, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been and are the major trading partners of Yana dates.

Export rate- $840.000
quality of products - 100

Iran date export